Grands-parents pour le climat / Klima-Grosseltern CH Nous n’héritons pas la Terre de nos ancêtres, nous l’empruntons à nos enfants…

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This grassroots movement for the climate stems from the great concern of a generation, namely that of today’s grandparents, faced with the risks linked to the deteriorating conditions for life on our planet. Our involvement, however, stretches far beyond our own families. It focuses ultimately on changing our consumer behaviour.

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A tyrannical decision

9 February 2020

A tyrannical decision

I'm furious, Cynthia. I'm furious that so many of our young children are racing against time to save their future – something they shouldn't have to do in the first place – and our leaders are laughing in their faces. In a recent ruling in the Juliana v United States case, a federal appeals court threw out a landmark climate change lawsuit brought on behalf of young people. Juliana v United States is a case brought on against the federal government by plaintiff Kelsey Juliana on behalf of Our Children's Trust, a nonprofit that's backing 21 young adults who filed the lawsuit.

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Summary of the presentation/dialogue “Taking action together for the Climate”

7 January 2019

University of Lausanne, 29 November 2018 Presenters: Prof. Martine Rebetez, climatologist at the University of Neuchâtel Prof. Jacques Dubochet, biologist at the University of Lausanne and Nobel laureate in Chemistry 2017   The Grandparents for the Climate Switzerland (GPclim), together with the University of Lausanne (UNIL), organized a presentation/dialogue, calling upon all generations to take action for the climate, as the title of the event indicates. This was the first time that GPclim and the UNIL had collaborated in setting up this type of event. Both of the presenters gave separate, complementary talks on aspects of the climate crisis before entering into a dialogue with representatives from approximately a dozen climate groups comprised of members from younger generations.

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