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A tyrannical decision

9 February 2020

I’m furious, Cynthia.

I’m furious that so many of our young children are racing against time to save their future – something they shouldn’t have to do in the first place – and our leaders are laughing in their faces.

In a recent ruling in the Juliana v United States case, a federal appeals court threw out a landmark climate change lawsuit brought on behalf of young people.

Juliana v United States is a case brought on against the federal government by plaintiff Kelsey Juliana on behalf of Our Children’s Trust, a nonprofit that’s backing 21 young adults who filed the lawsuit.

This decision is a tyrannical blow to climate activists, environmental organizations, and future generations. It demonstrates the limits of a court’s willingness to assign responsibility for the harms caused by greenhouse gases. It lets our leaders off the hook for their inaction.

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